MARCH 2021

View virtual tours last available apartments in Victoria Košíře successful project. All apartments have a balcony or a large roof terrace, apartments on the first floor have private gardens, which provide peace and security.

50% sold!

Do you miss a balcony, terrace or a front garden more than ever? We have everything ready for you to move in Prague quarter Košíře immediately!

June 2020 – Ready to move in immediately

We bring you beautiful aerial photos of the brand new Victoria Košíře. Vacant apartments are ready to move in.

You can now visit us in our offices. Compliance with the necessary hygiene measures applies

May 2020 – APPROVED

We are pleased to announce that Victoria Košíře has been approved. We will publish beautiful photos from a bird’s eye view soon.

The Real-Treuhand Reality Team


April 2020 

We have prepared for you virtual tours of selected apartments, which will be ready to move in in the summer.

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September 2019

The final facade plasters in the courtyard are being completed, new surfaces on adjacent roads are being completed, glazed railings on balconies and terraces are being installed in the flats, bathrooms and internal staircases in duplex apartments are being assembled, and the surface is being prepared for squeegees in garages.

April 2019

The M2 rough construction is almost completed. Roof waterproofing was carried out. Performs in the bathroom, water distribution, sewerage and electrical distribution in individual apartments. Scaffolding is being built and the facade is gradually being built. Construction cranes will be dismantled in the near future.

January 2019

The rough structure of the M1 is completed, the rough building of the M2 is completed, where the part of the building that has been omitted due to the transportation of the building material to the inner courtyard is completed. Gradually installing windows, partition walls and partitions and distributing installations (electricity, water, sewerage, ventilation).

November 2018

The project now undergoes work on reinforced concrete or masonry supporting structures of the upper floors of individual buildings, on the lower floors there is the construction of non-load-bearing walled partitions, partitions and distribution of electrical wiring in dwellings. Further work is underway to fill and compact the soil in the courtyard.


Concreting of monolithic construction during progress of works on the 2nd and 3rd floors. There are cellars in underground floors and work on lining in above-ground floors.


The final phase of soil extraction and the foundation pit is under way. We are looking forward to the construction going up.


Currently are works on building site in final phase of excavation works and disposal of soil from foundation pit, in the same there is in final phase drilling of piles as the foundation under buildings M2A and M2B.


Excavation work with shoring is currently being conducted on the grounds of the Victoria Košíř project.

The entire pit up to the foundation joint of the residential block of the building will be dug during the autumn, and M2A and M2B piloting for building foundations will also be conducted.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact our Real Estate Consultant Mrs. Ing. Kateřina Šauerová on the phone Nr. +420 731 125 515 or email:





Development company REAL-TREUHAND has recently launched the sale as well as the construction of its next residential project in Prague 5 – VICTORIA KOŠÍŘE.

The apartment building is notable not only for its location in the peaceful neighbourhood of Prague Košíře, but also for its seamless integration among the surrounding buildings. The three interconnected buildings create a private park with a garden, which offers a pleasant place for residents and their families to relax.

The project will include 65 apartments and 3 studio apartments ranging from 1+kk to 4+kk and from 42 m2 to 132 m2 over 7 floors. The ground floor of the building will also include one commercial space. Naturally there will also be a sufficient number of lockers and parking places in the underground garage. The apartments are ideal not only for families, but also for people of all ages interested in owning their own apartment in a peaceful residential area.  Thanks to the attractiveness of the location and its future potential, the apartments in the Victoria Košíře project are also suitable as an investment opportunity.

Almost every apartment has a balcony, an enclosed balcony, a terrace or a front garden. Most of the apartments offer magnificent views not only of the city but also of the surrounding greenery. Just like other projects by Real-Treuhand, Victoria Košíře is characterised by high-quality design and a high standard of fixtures and fittings.

There are several parks in close proximity to the complex, such as Cibulka, Kavalírka, Klamovka and the Vidoule natural monument, whose forests form a significant element of the landscape.

Although the historic centre is within easy reach, Košíře still retains its original unmistakable atmosphere.

Civic amenities as well as schools, kindergartens, shops and a sports centre are all nearby. The Kavalírka tram stop is just a few steps away. You can reach the Nový Smíchov shopping mall and the Anděl metro station in 10 minutes.

The project VICTORIA KOSIRE will be completed in fist half of 2019.

About Real-Treuhand:

The Real-Treuhand development company is a subsidiary of the largest Austrian regional bank Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich.

Its primary mission is to offer clients something unique. High-quality design comes standard and the uniqueness of the project is derived from its overall concept.

The company focuses on smaller residential buildings in established urban areas in the greater Prague centre. Real-Treuhand certainly does not aim to build modern suburban complexes on the edges of town or in places with no tradition. It tries to design buildings that add value to the given locality and contribute to its further development. It emphasizes modern architectural solutions that respect surrounding structures, which is why it always works together with leading architects. The locations selected for future projects must always offer something extra, such as beautiful views from all floors of the building.

This gives future owners a guarantee of the permanent value and appreciation of their investment.

Real-Treuhand has already implemented a number of projects not only in Prague but also in Brno and Hluboká nad Vltavou. Its portfolio currently features the unique .142 residence located on the hillside between Radlicka Street and Malvazinky, the recently completed Na Korábě apartment building in Prague 8, and the Palata Residence in Prague 5, whose construction is just now getting underway.

Among projects outside of Prague are the successful reconstruction of the Art Nouveau palace at Biskupská 8 in Brno, which was the home of the brothers Pavel and Hugo Haas, or the apartments and commercial premises of the Podzámčí project in Hluboká nad Vltavou.

Real-Treuhand is also planning to announce further acquisitions in 2017.


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